Responsible Jewellery Council

Ensure your prosperous future together begins with a good feeling

Committed to Sustainability

egf Manufaktur and thus acredo places emphasis on uncompromising quality and is committed to sustainability.

egf Manufaktur has been a member of RJC since 2017 with the member number 0000 0865 0865. Furthermore, it fulfills the RJC Chain of Custody standard - a non-mandatory standard for members.

The “Chain of Custody” is a production standard for gold and other precious metals, stating appropriate standards for human rights, labour standards, environmental impact, and business ethics throughout the supply chain.

We source our precious metals from suppliers that also meet this standard. Our diamonds hail from suppliers that comply with the strict UN resolutions.

Ensure your prosperous future together begins with a good feeling.

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Promoting programmes that support the public good beyond legal requirements

Closed water cycle in the electroplating process

Major part of electricity needs covered by solar plants

Intensive training of retailers on product information

Responsible Jewellery Council

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international association of companies from the gold and jewelry sector. The association was founded in 2005 in order to determine standards for a responsible global supply chain from the mine to the point of retail. The members commit to complying with the following key elements of the RJC Code of Practice:

  • Corporate ethics
  • Human rights
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Social responsibility

Within two years of initial membership, an independent, external organisation reviews whether the RJC Code of Practice is complied with. If the company meets the comprehensive requirements, it is awarded a certificate with a three-year validity. After this expires, a new audit will be carried out to ensure continuing compliance with the standards.

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Interview with egf

egf joined the Responsible Jewellery Council in April 2015. What prompted you to become a member?

It was the general market trend, i.e. that sustainability is important with regard to product and material.

By joining, egf committed to implement all RJC standards within two years and have this reviewed in an external audit. How did you prepare for this?

Firstly, we were so excited about this task that we did not take two years to implement the changes, but realised them with passion within just one year. This eventually meant that we got certified on the first go. We have invested a lot of time, money and passion in the certification process and are very proud to have achieved this.

What happens in such an audit?

Such a two-day audit means that all of those concerned encounter the company in new ways. Every room, every machine, every lamp – simply everything – is reviewed and, if need be, modified. The auditors also talked to several employees, who were selected at random. We are therefore even happier that we do not only comply with the minimum requirements but were able to gain additional bonus points.

You were finally awarded the sought-after RJC certificate in February 2017. And egf goes even further, as it also complies with the RJC Chain of Custody, which is not mandatory for members. What is this about?

The Responsible Jewellery Council introduced a product chain standard for gold and precious metals in 2012, the so-called RJC Chain of Custody. It defines requirements with regard to human rights, labour standards, environmental impact and business ethics throughout the entire supply chain for gold and precious metals. Our main motivation is to provide customers with a sense of security when they decide in favour of acredo and therefore egf. We are very proud of our consistent, sustainable precious metal sourcing over the past ten years. And we have been working with the right suppliers ever since, albeit unconsciously.

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