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Clamping Engagement Rings - Character

Engagement Ring Tension Ring by acredo

Whether floating lightly or held firmly

Tension rings as engagement rings radiate an incredible sense of lightness and elegance. In a tension ring, the precious stone is held between the ring shank, thus floating in the centre of the engagement ring. Many think of true magic when they see a ring with a tension setting. As an engagement ring, the tension ring is therefore also an expression of the power and harmony of love. Let us inspire you with our Character tension ring collection and find your personal piece of jewelry at acredo.

"Play it safe": Engagement Rings with a Tension ring look

Engagement rings with a tension ring look are an exclusive accessory for an every-day life in which you need to use your hands and you and your partner have both feet firmly on the round. Engagement rings with a tension ring look integrate the sparkling diamond directly into the ring shank. The diamond is therefore firmly enclosed by the precious metal. The engagement ring is protected against wear and tear, the diamond will not get lost when it gets a knock and you will keep it for life.

Protected but not at all hidden away – the engagement ring with a tension ring look is a great eye-catcher and radiates its sparkle from the ring shank. Engagement rings with a tension ring look spread a sense of lightness and safety, united in an unusual piece of jewelry.

Engagement Ring, the Tension Ring: A symbol of true art

When creating the tension ring, our manufactory shows its true ability and skill. The unique setting of the diamond in the middle of the ring shank asks for true craftsmanship and precision. Our goldsmiths, who have been with us for many years, work enthusiastically on perfectly finishing the small masterpiece. Use the acredo Designer to enfold your own artistry in designing your tension ring: set the stage for the large diamond in the middle of the tension ring with smaller diamonds on the side of the ring shank or play with the colors of different alloys. No matter where your creativity is leading you – the tension ring as an engagement ring is always elegant, discreet and an aesthetic alternative to the solitaire ring.

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